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Welcome to Shadow Hunters! Our goal is to cover the latest games. We hope you like your stay at Shadow Hunters and enjoy all the content prepared for you. We'll try to update our content and site with the latest news, releases, etc. Don't forget to always visit Ashenvale, Shadow Hunter's Forums!

Subject: Marry Christmas and Happy New Year! 01-01-2005 00:00

Hey fellow team mates, I and the rest of the staff of Shadow Hunters wishes you a happy new your and a peaceful continue. I and the admins were thinking of doing something extra but unfortunately we don’t have nearly  enough resources or people. Anyhow just wishing you all nice day and entertaining game play.

Posted by: Cirdale  


Subject: Freelancer 12-10-2004 05:25

We are back on Freelancer again, and this time we are on jolt.co.uk server, we will also have our own server up soon. We are a little short on members however so anyone that would like to team up now is the time. As we soon have the IRC channel up you can easily reach our admins and leaders if you feel like joining up.

Have a nice day all members and take care of yourself.

Posted by: Sevendreams  


Subject: Clan 10-08-2004 14:08
Main site back up again and sory for taking longer thrn it should, well it has been a kinda rough year, and me and Chief has been working really hard.

Finaly Ashenvale board will be back online again, tho it has taken a month longer then it should to, but better late then never right? well as of now, we have store, bank, jobs, RPG, new status and ofcorse a better layout. Enjoy!

Posted by: Cirdale  


Subject: Clan 06-16-2004 21:15

Currently going down for the summer. We will come back up sometime in August.

Dont worry we will be back and become stronger then ever before. Me and Chief will work this summer so we wont have time to update the clan. When we come back we will have stronger members more members more experinced players and we will update the forum with new function.

Just sitt tight.


Posted by: Cirdale  


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